Dive Instruction

Advanced Course…………$525

Make up your own advanced program by choosing any four specialty courses. Program includes six open water dives, books and materials (does not include dive gear). You must have 24 dives logged by the time you get this card

Associate Instructor Course…………$1600

The full course in becoming a scuba instructor. Full teaching status requires independent evaluation, which we can arrange. Contact us for details.

Basic Nitrox…………$199

You are always tired after a day of diving… Dives do not last long enough because you run out of bottom time… You’re worried that you are diving too close to the no-deco limits. These are all concerns that can be resolved by diving with Nitrox, oxygen enriched breathing mixtures. Nitrox is highly recommended for all divers over forty, and it helps to give you those evenings back after a full day of diving! This course is a prerequisite for all technical diving. Requires two dives.

Dive Master…………$950

This is your introduction to the world of professional recreational diving. Learn to lead, assist instructors, and share your love of diving with others.

Introduction to Scuba…………$149

After a short lesson and a pool session which covers the minimum information, you will be taken out to the ocean for an instructor-accompanied SCUBA dive at the shallow barrier reef. You will see coral that grows from fifteen feet almost to the surface, inhabited by hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish. With amazing variety and color, its a great way to introduce the non-diver in your life to the joy and fascination of scuba diving. Includes all equipment necessary and the dive. Additional dives without certification $99.

Junior Certification Course…………$525

Now the whole family can get in on the fun! You do not have to wait to be twelve years old to scuba dive. We are now licensed and insured to teach young children to dive. Through the auspices of International Training Inc. and their new Scuba certification company, Scuba Diving International (SDI), we can officially start youngsters on scuba at a younger age than ever before. We can begin scuba training with children as young as eight and nine years old, with Junior Certification awarded to ten through fifteen year olds, instead of the traditional twelve years old. We focus less on the academics and homework. Emphasis is on doing, with more pool time and scuba diving. Contact us for details.

Open Water C-dives (referral)…………$329

Four open water dives that take you from student to certified diver! Bring your referral paperwork, all dive equipment is included. The Open Water Certification Dive program can be completed in two days.

Open Water Certification Course…………$525

Learn to dive while you are on vacation, and make your vacation count. The above price is as complete as we can get it. Books, Materials, Pool time and four open water dives are included, as is ALL gear needed for the course. Wear your bathing suit and bring a towel, this class can be easily taught in three days.

Specialty Courses (each)…………$225

Equipment, Underwater Photography, Boat, Deep, Navigation, Wreck, Night and Limited Visibility, Computer, Search and Recovery, Waves Tides & Currents, Reef Fish ID, Reef ID, Reef Ecology. Each specialty course includes two open water dives. Gear other than tanks and weights is NOT included.

Stress Rescue Course…………$250

You are in the water, and someone is in trouble. What do you do? The Stress Rescue Course covers not only how to effectively help in an emergency, but how to recognize the signs of impending trouble and how to avoid problems. This is a prerequisite for all those who wish to go on to Dive Control Specialist or Scuba Instructor. CPR is a prerequisite, and the Oxygen Provider Course is recommended.


A quick course in CPR, designed to let you know how to help while you wait for the Para-medics. Also covers oxygen administration. All diving courses tell you to give O2 in case of a dive accident; now you will know how.

Cprox with First Aid…………$149

Same course as CPRox, but continues on to include basic first aid. Both of these courses are quicker than traditional First Aid/CPR/Oxygen administration courses. Both provide simple information with easy mnemonics, so you will know how to help and what to do, and will have the confidence to act.